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Educational Learning Toys Perfect For Christmas

Rats, today our children can learn early how to drive cars, mow lawns, row boats, think logical, and learn a new language. If only we had the convenience our children had today, we’d all be the president of the United States. Educational toys today are popular creations, since children are more advanced these days. On the Internet, you will find various toys, including the Chatterbox.

This toy is ideal for children two-years-old and up, since it teaches your child how to learn in a fun way. Your child receives a portable telephone that is light to carry. The toy will provide your child hours of loaded fun while he or she learns new skills. The skills your child will develop include, Spanish, English, Manipulative, Color and Number skills. The interactive phone helps children by allowing them to take advantage of electronic features that allow them to express themselves. The phone works with batteries. Your child will develop social skills. The phone is preprogrammed, providing your child a surplus of activities while they learn.

The Orange is another great learning toy. This toy has ripe features, which include pears, apples, cherries and so on. The tree grows healthy plums also. The child learns how to harvest quickly, since a raven chases them to the goal line. This game is ideal for two or more players and great for ages three and up. Your child gets the benefit of learning how to decipher shapes, as well as colors. The child learns to cooperate with others, learns to take turns and enhances his or her counting number skills.

If you have a little girl perhaps, she would like the “Teach-a-Tot” doll. This doll is an amazing creation, since she potties, ties her shoe laces, zips her pockets, blows her nose, buttons her jacket, brushes teeth and combs her hair. That is your child will learn common skills with the tot. She also speaks, using a child’s voice. Her fancy outfit makes it fun for your child to find her seven points, which the child presses to activate actions. The tot encourages your child to learn to tie his or her shoes. The tot teaches the child to blow his or her nose properly. All accessories are available with the tot, including batteries, comb, toothbrush and tissue.

The language little dolls are neat educational toys also. These dolls teach your child how to speak Chinese, Spanish and so on. Your child will learn new languages while enjoying the company of the little. Mandarin will teach your child how to speak Chinese at a press of a button. Her hand has a ling-greeting feature while her left hand has a button the child presses. The doll counts to ten in Chinese while your child talks with her. What a great way to learn a new language. Her knee has a button, which when your child presses it the doll says in Chinese “I love you.”

You have a variety of language dolls to choose from, which your child can learn multiple languages also. The dolls come with booklets that your child uses to translate what the doll says to them. Codes are available with the dolls also, which allows your child to go online to web sites where games are played that teaches them new languages. The games online will teach your child what Ling teaches them and help them to advance in languages. Your child will benefit, since our world is moving toward multi-lingo headquarters. What a great way to get started. When the child is older, he or she can travel and see the world, knowing they have the ability to protect themselves by hearing what others around them say in foreign lands.

Think Fun Solitaire Chess

Are you a big chess fan? Or maybe a huge solitaire fan? Or perhaps neither? Either way, if you're looking for a present to give, then maybe the Think Fun Solitaire Chess set is the perfect gift.

This is just one of the latest products that are available from Think Fun this Christmas. If it is for a child aged 8 or over, this could be ideal! It is designed to develop your develop your critical analysis, creative thinking and problem solving. Even if you're already a chess player, the Think Fun game will help experienced players become even better with even more advanced moves available.

Here's what you need to know first in order to play...

What you need to remember is this isn't chess. This is Think Fun Solitaire Chess. Chess involves two players, but this game is all about you. In what is similar is that they use the same set of rules to sharpen your skills. Plus, you have to use chess moves in order to eliminate your opponent's pieces.

  • But that's just the start! This is about to get a whole lot more interesting! Each game I set up according to a challenge card. Think of it as a logic puzzle that you have to solve through chess. How is this done? Well, you have ten pieces to begin with, and you must eliminate each one until you have one left.
  • If you happen to get stuck, no need to worry! The card will tell you what moves you should have made and in what order. You can then move onto more challenging tests as you pass each one. There are up to 60 cards that you can test yourself against!
  • So this Christmas, there's no need for you to splash out - the game retails at only $20!
  • If this sounds like your kind of thing, you may want to try some of the other games that Think Fun have to offer! Still one of the big favourites is the Think Fun Rush Hour game that was released all the way back in 1999, but you can choose from even more Rush Hour games, such as Think Fun Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour Jr and Think Fun 4000 Railroad Rush Hour - plenty of choice!

Not only do you not have to worry about kids enjoying themselves when playing with this gift, you know that they are learning as well! So when thinking of perfect gifts this Christmas, you may want to Think Fun!

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