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Think Fun Solitaire Chess

Are you a big chess fan? Or maybe a huge solitaire fan? Or perhaps neither? Either way, if you're looking for a present to give, then maybe the Think Fun Solitaire Chess set is the perfect gift.

This is just one of the latest products that are available from Think Fun this Christmas. If it is for a child aged 8 or over, this could be ideal! It is designed to develop your develop your critical analysis, creative thinking and problem solving. Even if you're already a chess player, the Think Fun game will help experienced players become even better with even more advanced moves available.

Here's what you need to know first in order to play...

What you need to remember is this isn't chess. This is Think Fun Solitaire Chess. Chess involves two players, but this game is all about you. In what is similar is that they use the same set of rules to sharpen your skills. Plus, you have to use chess moves in order to eliminate your opponent's pieces.

  • But that's just the start! This is about to get a whole lot more interesting! Each game I set up according to a challenge card. Think of it as a logic puzzle that you have to solve through chess. How is this done? Well, you have ten pieces to begin with, and you must eliminate each one until you have one left.
  • If you happen to get stuck, no need to worry! The card will tell you what moves you should have made and in what order. You can then move onto more challenging tests as you pass each one. There are up to 60 cards that you can test yourself against!
  • So this Christmas, there's no need for you to splash out - the game retails at only $20!
  • If this sounds like your kind of thing, you may want to try some of the other games that Think Fun have to offer! Still one of the big favourites is the Think Fun Rush Hour game that was released all the way back in 1999, but you can choose from even more Rush Hour games, such as Think Fun Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour Jr and Think Fun 4000 Railroad Rush Hour - plenty of choice!

Not only do you not have to worry about kids enjoying themselves when playing with this gift, you know that they are learning as well! So when thinking of perfect gifts this Christmas, you may want to Think Fun!

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Scrabble Flash Cubes

Scrabble is arguably the best board game to test your brain, and has always been one of the favourites. However playing in the car can be quite a challenge when driving over all the bumps in the road. But thanks to Hasbro the letters won’t be sliding around uncontrollably to their travel easy Scrabble Flash Cubes!

The art to playing scrabble is to build up points by using letters to form words.Hasbro’s travel friendly potable electronic version of the game works without using the tiles. Every time you create a word the board beeps and flashes. You’re sure to have plenty of fun playing scrabble whether it’s by yourself or with friends.

Reasons why you should buy Scrabble Flash Cubes:

  • Incredibly easy to use- As it’s an electric device you don’t have to keep referring to dictionaries to check the spelling of a word. When the letters touch the device reads the word and indicates whether it’s correct or not by flashes and beeps.
  • 3 game modes- You can play Scrabble Flash by yourself. Or you can play with multiple players in the Five Letter Flash and Pass Flash modes.
  • Electronic and portable- Weighing only 1.1 pounds and fits in the palm of your hand. This amazing game can be taken anywhere and won’t take up much room in your bag! As it’s an electronic version of Scrabble you don’t have to worry about losing any of the letters!
  • Increases your vocabulary- Scrabble tests you and your child’s vocabulary you’ll learn knew words, and will increase.

Scrabble Flash Cubes has made the classical game of Scrabble more fun; one customer raved about how great the game is and described it as ‘addictive’. Another customer stated, ‘it was fun from the very first game I played.’ It’s extremely easy to use and is well worth purchasing.

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Vtech’s Innotab

Looking for the perfect education toy for your child? Then Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet is the perfect choice for you. The Innotab is the latest fun, interactive tablet device that offers a five-inch, touch sensitive screen, which your child can use by simply swiping their fingers across the screen! Here are just a few things that you can expect with this product:

-          With a massive 64MB storage space, the Innotab can hold eBooks, music, videos, educational games and more. The eBooks also come with highlighted words, so even if they are stuck, your child can look up definitions to the words they don’t understand.

-          Is your child not able to read yet? Fear not! The Innotab can also narrate stories with special character voices so your child will stay interested throughout the experience. Choose from Mickey Mouse, various princesses, Woody, Buzz and many more – the whole gangs here!

-          Even if your child fancies listening to music instead? Great! There’s a built in MP3 player included so your child can play their favourite songs over and over again!

-          Or perhaps they would rather colour? One of the best features on the Innotab is the art studio. Does your child fancy themselves as the next Picasso? They are sure to have hours of fun drawing pictures using the stylus pen. There’s also a colouring book that your kids can use if they prefer.

-          Vtech is perfect for those boring road trips. With the Innotab, your children can play, rewind or fast forward and watch their favourite full-length movies again and again!

-          Through the online learning centre, your child can purchase apps. Don’t worry about more spending; they can use their own special coins! These coins can be earned through playing games or performing other tasks, so they can feel that they’ve truly earned their app!

-          The second option you have with the Vtech’s Innotab is the gaming cartridges. These cartridges feature different characters and apps. So if little Susie grows out of Dora the Explorer in a few months, she can discover new cartoon characters that will hold her interest. The InnoTab is the perfect toy that grows with your child!

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