Educational Toys To Help Your Children Discover The World This Christmas

Welcome! This is the perfect place to find all of the best selling and most wanted fun Educational toys and games for children this Christmas. Educational toys are an essential thing to consider for the development of your child's mental faculties, and thus they are an ideal notion for the best Christmas gifts this year. There are a numnber of wonderful toys that feature an educational element to them, and many of them are designed so that the children seldom realize they are being taught valuable lessons that will help them become a more rounded and well adjusted person.

There are fun educational toys that will do everything from helping children to learn about colours and textures at an early age to the basics of many scientific elements of the world around them as older children. There are toys based on film and TV properties, such as Star Wars for example, but many of these ingenious toys are good enough on their own merit without needing the added advantage of brand familiarity. There are chemistry sets suitable for children to use, along with electronic devices that can help them get to grips with using digital media, which is an ever more prominent part of modern life.

There are also toys and play sets that can teach children about the changing environment around us, and living in a more ecologically sound manner. These are very positive ideas for children's gifts this Christmas, as educational toys have a value far beyond mere enjoyment. This makes them some of the most suitable ideas for fun Christmas gifts for children. Check out the reviews right here and see for yourself!

They can enrich and improve a child's life through a better understanding of the mechanics of the world around them, making them feel proud of their achievements and driving them on towards more. Educational toys show that you realise the importance of a child's developmental stages and their keen interest in finding out how things work. A massive range of the best educational toys is available to check out online, and right here you can find the very best examples of fun educational toys at the very best prices!

The Best Educational Toys For Babies

It is every parent's dream to have a very active and intelligent child. Thus, from infancy, they seek ways and means to develop their children's intellectual and social skills to prepare them for a life of comfort.

Indeed, in this day and age, often the only way for a person to advance is to be mentally and emotionally equipped to face the challenges of the world. And since infants are the most receptive to new things, because their minds are still unmuddled and untainted with the ways of the world, they are the best subjects for educational toys.

From the time an infant is born, introducing him or her to different sounds and sights are important for the development of his visual skills and hand-to-eye coordination. So just when you think that an infant has no need for toys just yet, think again. Educational toys for babies are probably one of the most valuable objects you will give him or her right now.

Toys are the best media for a child to learn. This is because when you mix learning with play, children don't realize that they are being educated. The learning comes smoothly and naturally, and the child does not feel that he or she is being forced to learn something.

Below are three of the best and ideal educational toys you can get for your growing infant.

Fisher Price's Peek-A-Blocks Incrediblock

Peek-A-Blocks is sure to get your child's attention because it has lively lights and sounds. Children can stack the eight blocks up or insert them into holes and watch them disappear, all while enjoying a fun lights and sounds mini-show. This is ideal for infants aged 9 months and above.

Learning Curve's Lamaze Grip N Grab Rattle

This rattle comes in bright colors and makes fun and attention-catching sounds when shaken. Parents will appreciate this toy when they're going a long trip with their child because it will surely hold their attentions for quite a while. This is best for babies aged 3 months and up.

Fisher Price's Ocean Wonders Aquarium

This aquarium is a soothing educational toy because it has motions and sound effects that will help put the baby to sleep. It can be attached to the side of the baby's crib so he or she can see and hear it more clearly. First time parents will appreciate this toy. Newborn babies and older will have fun with it.

Play And Childrens Educational Toys Ideal For Christmas

What does play do for a child? Contrary to what some people think, play is not just a waste of time and a means to pass it while waiting for important things to come. Play is a vital part of a child's emotional development and learning, and it presents a host of advantages.

Aside from being a source of joy, play feeds and develops a child's personality and helps him or her grow into a person that knows how to maximize his or her potential and make best use of his or her talents.

Perhaps this is why toy manufacturers have taken to producing a wide range of educational toys - to fill this need. Most parents nowadays rarely have time to spend with their children, as most households are living with both parents working.

Parents, therefore, try to go through great lengths to buy their children means of entertainment that would encourage not only enjoyment but also learning. They try to compensate for their absence during children's homework making time by providing them with the best educational toys there are - no matter the price tag.

Each child has a different development pace and should be tackled uniquely. One child might want to do the same thing and play with the same toy repeatedly for days, while another might be interested in a toy only for a moment and look for another one after a while. Thus, play should not be limited to a set of rules. Kids need to operate in flexible play environment to appreciate the virtues of freedom and independence.

Educational toys are very much in demand right now because of the variety of activities they carry in just one device. As opposed to the common toy, wherein the child is confined to just one activity, educational toys allow the child to explore different subjects and work with different types of learning paces and methods.

For instance, Hasbro's Baby Einstein Company has an educational toy line that encourages kids to learn unique subjects like art, music, language and poetry. Meanwhile, Jakks Pacific's Child Guidance line carries toys that teach music fundamentals through an interactive device.

And these are just some of the toys that are out in the market today. With the growing demand for educational toys nowadays, it won't be surprise when parents and children will be preferring these products more and more.

Children's educational toys are, right now, a little expensive. But parents who have purchased one for their kids will tell you that it is worth every cent. Not only will their children enjoy their playtime, but they also learn a lot of new things that would feed their intellect and motor skills.

Educational Toys Encourage Learning

There are many kinds of children's educational toys, each specializing in a certain subject matter (like Math or Science) and working according to a particular age group. Because of the growing demand for educational toys, toy manufacturers have taken great effort and time to come up with new innovations almost every month.

Before, finding the right educational toy was so easy, because there were so few of them. Now, choosing which one to get for your child is similar to the experience of a kid lost in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Perhaps the most popular of children's educational toys are those that deal with science. Children that hope to become chemists, geologists and doctors someday can now get themselves toy kits that simulate the experience. Future astronomers can get to practice their "profession" with telescope kits. Future vets are able to learn more about animals and how to care for them with animal kits.

There is a wide range of play sets and devices to tickle a child's hunger for exploration and discovery, which include the likes of microscopes, dioramas, binoculars, chemisty sets, insect and bug habitats, robotic sets, electronic devices, and others.

Whenever we say the term "educational" and partner it with "toys", it almost always has this boring ring to it. Without adequate knowledge about the value of educational toys, a lot of us would think that these products are just a waste of money because kids won't be able to appreciate them, and say it's for nerds.

This is where we are wrong. Educational toys foster learning AND cater to a child's creativity. These toys are so well designed and carefully developed that they insert "learning" into the picture without the child realizing that he or she is actually "studying". This doesn't mean, though, that educational toys are out to dupe kids into studying. It simply means that toys do not only stimulate kids' senses and motor skills, but also have the capacity to feed their intellects.

With the birth of educational toys, learning has transformed into an activity that is fun, and not just confined to the four corners of a classroom. Schools have started to incorporate educational toys to their teaching methods, especially to preschoolers, because of this.

With educational toys, not only children, but also parents, are changing their minds about the importance of toys as educational tools. Sure, they may come with a hefty price tag, but the expense is all worth it. Besides, the growing demand for them will surely bring their rates down in a few years. Before we know it, educational toys will be accessible to everyone.

Buying Educational Toys For Christmas

Buying the right kind of toy for a child is probably as difficult as solving a major Math equation. Do you get something that he or she would appreciate for the longer term until he or she grows a little older, or do you gift something that is the "in" thing now?

Given the busy times nowadays, most people would tell you to just go for the easy way and get an educational toy. This way, you don't have to worry if the toy you're giving has sufficient value because you're sure the child will learn a lot of things from it.

But, wait! Before you dash to the nearest toy store and grab the first children's educational toy you get your hands on, consider these three tips first. Yes, even buying children's educational toys have certain guidelines that need to be followed.

First, find out if the educational toy you're thinking of buying is actually appropriate for the child you are giving it to. That is, if it's learning level coincides with the child's age range. All educational toy boxes carry this information outside, to guide you in your purchase.

For instance, while a Vtech Laptop is a really swanky gift, it won't do any good for a two year old. Get something that they can appreciate here and now so you won't be wasting any money.

Second, when in doubt, ask. Most toy stores have little information kiosks where the educational toys being sold are made accessible to the public for testing and trials. These kiosks also almost always have a representative from the toy store who will gladly explain and demonstrate what each toy can do and for what ages they are best suited.

Never hesitate to ask a barage of questions. After all, you want to get your money's worth.

Third, don't get carried away. While it may be tempting to buy the largest and hippest educational toy in the bunch, it would be best to, instead, buy something that will bring the greatest value to the child. Get an educational toy that has many features, even though it is small, against an educational toy that looks really swanky but is lacking in the "educational" department.

This is why reading labels and finding out more about a particular toy is important. If you feel that the box or the toy store kiosk attendant do not say enough, there's always the Internet to rely on to find reviews on the product. Reviews are very important. Nothing beats the opinion of people who have already tried and tested the product out for themselves.

Educational Learning Toys Perfect For Christmas

Rats, today our children can learn early how to drive cars, mow lawns, row boats, think logical, and learn a new language. If only we had the convenience our children had today, we’d all be the president of the United States. Educational toys today are popular creations, since children are more advanced these days. On the Internet, you will find various toys, including the Chatterbox.

This toy is ideal for children two-years-old and up, since it teaches your child how to learn in a fun way. Your child receives a portable telephone that is light to carry. The toy will provide your child hours of loaded fun while he or she learns new skills. The skills your child will develop include, Spanish, English, Manipulative, Color and Number skills. The interactive phone helps children by allowing them to take advantage of electronic features that allow them to express themselves. The phone works with batteries. Your child will develop social skills. The phone is preprogrammed, providing your child a surplus of activities while they learn.

The Orange is another great learning toy. This toy has ripe features, which include pears, apples, cherries and so on. The tree grows healthy plums also. The child learns how to harvest quickly, since a raven chases them to the goal line. This game is ideal for two or more players and great for ages three and up. Your child gets the benefit of learning how to decipher shapes, as well as colors. The child learns to cooperate with others, learns to take turns and enhances his or her counting number skills.

If you have a little girl perhaps, she would like the “Teach-a-Tot” doll. This doll is an amazing creation, since she potties, ties her shoe laces, zips her pockets, blows her nose, buttons her jacket, brushes teeth and combs her hair. That is your child will learn common skills with the tot. She also speaks, using a child’s voice. Her fancy outfit makes it fun for your child to find her seven points, which the child presses to activate actions. The tot encourages your child to learn to tie his or her shoes. The tot teaches the child to blow his or her nose properly. All accessories are available with the tot, including batteries, comb, toothbrush and tissue.

The language little dolls are neat educational toys also. These dolls teach your child how to speak Chinese, Spanish and so on. Your child will learn new languages while enjoying the company of the little. Mandarin will teach your child how to speak Chinese at a press of a button. Her hand has a ling-greeting feature while her left hand has a button the child presses. The doll counts to ten in Chinese while your child talks with her. What a great way to learn a new language. Her knee has a button, which when your child presses it the doll says in Chinese “I love you.”

You have a variety of language dolls to choose from, which your child can learn multiple languages also. The dolls come with booklets that your child uses to translate what the doll says to them. Codes are available with the dolls also, which allows your child to go online to web sites where games are played that teaches them new languages. The games online will teach your child what Ling teaches them and help them to advance in languages. Your child will benefit, since our world is moving toward multi-lingo headquarters. What a great way to get started. When the child is older, he or she can travel and see the world, knowing they have the ability to protect themselves by hearing what others around them say in foreign lands.

The Wonders of Vetch Educational Toys For Christmas

Vetch can help your child to develop many skills. Vetch toys offer parents a wide array of products to choose from that help your child develop new skills. The benefits, your child receives from Vetch toys is great, since your child has an opportunity to learn while having fun.

What are some of the benefits that Vetch offers my child?

Vetch offers a large range of benefits to your child. Here are some of the benefits. Your child will learn basic math skills, cognitive development, co-operative play, independent play, letter name and sounds, musical creativity, science facts, visualization and memory, word building, spelling phonics, problem solving, motor skills, language development, imagination play, discovery and exploration, cause and effect, etc, this is just some of the benefits that your child can get from using Vetch toys.

The skills your child will learn put them in front of education. Most toys available today are designed to help your child make it successfully through elementary and on to high school. By the time your child reaches college, imagine the education they will have by using Vetch educational toys.

How do I choose the best toys for my child?

Vetch has many toys to offer. However, for some children that like to draw may enjoy V-Smile art studios. This toy is for children age’s three to five. The art studio allows children to create their own art while putting it on the their own television. This will allow them to draw as well as make a slide show. The S-Smile has it own library where your child can view many pictures they can color then place it on the television. The toys have 65 different colors for backgrounds to choose from as well. This is going to make your child feel like they have made their own masterpiece. What a wonderful thing to get your child to enjoy.

Does your little one like Winnie the Pooh?

Winnie now has a learning system. The learning scheme is for ages three to seven years old. With this system, your child can hook it up also to your television. Once its hooked up they can go on their way to the honey hunt.

What a way to met Winnie and his friends. This game comes with a library of games to play. It even has its very own Winnie the Pooh joystick. Winnie the Pooh is one of most kids’ favorite animation shows, which many children will enjoy the educational games that help them to get closer to Pooh and his wonderful animated friends.

The game includes a big chunky stream of lights so that your child can see the button to push. Everyone in the family can play with this system. What a way to make your little tot happy if big brother or sister has there own system, why can’t the little people have theirs? This would make the little tots happy to have their own system.

Where can I get these Vetch educational toys?

You can buy Vetch toys in many department stores. The toys are in the Toy-r-Us as well as Wal-Mart and K-mart. If for some reason you are unable to find what you are looking for you might be able to go on the Internet and find the toys online. The Internet has scores of web sites that offer you educational toys from Vetch.  Going online to buy these toys will save you gas money and time.

By going online to find Vetch toys you can look for coupons, discounts, sales, clearances, bargains and more. Promotional coupons are often available, which helps you to save money.

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set Review

As your child grows, he will need toys that will help him develop his motor and social skills. It is good for children to allow them to play with other kids. In fact, it is a healthy practice. Kids learn how to control their mental, physical and emotional abilities by interacting with other children.

Buying toys that they can share with other kids is a great idea. Why not buy him a set of building blocks or a board game for young children? And a table and chairs set would be nice as well. A table and chairs set will be very useful when playing board games, blocks or pretend plays such as afternoon tea party and more.

In choosing a set of table and chairs for your child, you need to consider some things. First, the furniture must be perfect for their size. Second, it should be sturdy and well-crafted. And third, it must be made of durable but easy to clean material. There are lots of table and chair sets in the market, and one brand that fits the bill is the New Traditions Set by Step2.

Product Description

The Step2 Table and Chairs come in stylish and fun colors that will mix well with your current décor. Uniquely designed with the ‘X’ base for the legs, the chairs and table ensures superior stability and long-lasting use. They are easy to clean, just wipe off any spillage, crayon marks, etc. and they are as good as new.

This USA-made furniture set includes 1 27.125" x 27.125" table and two 11-inches high chairs. The maximum weight capacity of the chairs is 75 lbs. per chair. The set requires minimal assembly.

Product Features

  • Poly Construction. High-quality plastic is used for the furniture set to ensure long-lasting use and stability.
  • X-Base Legs. Table’s and chairs’ legs are engineered using the ‘X’ base technology, making sure that you are delivered with durable set that won’t wobble easily.
  • Perfect Size. The set is perfect for toddlers aged 2 years old and up.
  • Stylish. The Step2 Table and Chairs set comes in different colors, allowing you to mix and match the pieces with your home’s décor.
  • Easy to Clean. Cleaning is easy with the Step2 Table and Chairs Set.
  • Easy to Assemble. The furniture set is very easy to assemble and does not require special assembling tools.


  • easy to clean surface
  • sturdy, unique engineering
  • comes in fun and stylish colors
  • all-purpose, and can be used as a crafts desk, play table and a even snack table


  • chairs are a bit narrow for large-framed kids

What Customers Say

The Step2 table and chairs set is a nice addition to any playroom. Here are some of the good points about this set:

It is very simple to assemble. All you need is 10-20 minutes tops to put the furniture set together. But, if you still happen to find it difficult to assemble, especially the chair, you just have to make sure that you keep the ‘arrows’ adjacent to one another, they should be pointing at each other. This will ensure alignment and make assembly much easier.

The table and chairs are really sturdy. They are made for small kids but can hold up to 75 pounds each (the chairs), so if you have a bigger kid, you don’t have to worry about them sitting on the chair and breaking it. The furniture can hold a 10-year old kid although that will be very uncomfortable.

The design is great. The set comes in different color schemes. You can choose a color scheme that will match your kid’s playroom or bedroom. The size is perfect for small children. They can eat their morning cereal or do their coloring projects on it. This set will easily become their all-purpose area.

However, there are few things that need improvement:

Although the chairs are of perfect size, large-framed kids will find it difficult to fit into one of those chairs. Maybe a bit of tweaking and adding a few more centimeters will help.

Chairs tend to slide easily. This is somehow scary because you do not want the chairs slipping under your kid. Using the furniture set on a carpeted floor can help, but it is better if the manufacturer attaches anti-slip pads on the chairs’ legs.


Overall, this table and chairs set will be very useful in years to come (especially if you buy it for kids aged 2 or 3). You can even buy extra chairs for siblings and playmates. Your kids will definitely love it.

If you want something that your child can use for virtually anything they do, buy this Step2 table and chairs set. This sturdy, functional set sells for only $59.54 on Additional chairs and accessories are available as well.

Think Fun Solitaire Chess

Are you a big chess fan? Or maybe a huge solitaire fan? Or perhaps neither? Either way, if you're looking for a present to give, then maybe the Think Fun Solitaire Chess set is the perfect gift.

This is just one of the latest products that are available from Think Fun this Christmas. If it is for a child aged 8 or over, this could be ideal! It is designed to develop your develop your critical analysis, creative thinking and problem solving. Even if you're already a chess player, the Think Fun game will help experienced players become even better with even more advanced moves available.

Here's what you need to know first in order to play...

What you need to remember is this isn't chess. This is Think Fun Solitaire Chess. Chess involves two players, but this game is all about you. In what is similar is that they use the same set of rules to sharpen your skills. Plus, you have to use chess moves in order to eliminate your opponent's pieces.

  • But that's just the start! This is about to get a whole lot more interesting! Each game I set up according to a challenge card. Think of it as a logic puzzle that you have to solve through chess. How is this done? Well, you have ten pieces to begin with, and you must eliminate each one until you have one left.
  • If you happen to get stuck, no need to worry! The card will tell you what moves you should have made and in what order. You can then move onto more challenging tests as you pass each one. There are up to 60 cards that you can test yourself against!
  • So this Christmas, there's no need for you to splash out - the game retails at only $20!
  • If this sounds like your kind of thing, you may want to try some of the other games that Think Fun have to offer! Still one of the big favourites is the Think Fun Rush Hour game that was released all the way back in 1999, but you can choose from even more Rush Hour games, such as Think Fun Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour Jr and Think Fun 4000 Railroad Rush Hour - plenty of choice!

Not only do you not have to worry about kids enjoying themselves when playing with this gift, you know that they are learning as well! So when thinking of perfect gifts this Christmas, you may want to Think Fun!

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Scrabble Flash Cubes

Scrabble is arguably the best board game to test your brain, and has always been one of the favourites. However playing in the car can be quite a challenge when driving over all the bumps in the road. But thanks to Hasbro the letters won’t be sliding around uncontrollably to their travel easy Scrabble Flash Cubes!

The art to playing scrabble is to build up points by using letters to form words.Hasbro’s travel friendly potable electronic version of the game works without using the tiles. Every time you create a word the board beeps and flashes. You’re sure to have plenty of fun playing scrabble whether it’s by yourself or with friends.

Reasons why you should buy Scrabble Flash Cubes:

  • Incredibly easy to use- As it’s an electric device you don’t have to keep referring to dictionaries to check the spelling of a word. When the letters touch the device reads the word and indicates whether it’s correct or not by flashes and beeps.
  • 3 game modes- You can play Scrabble Flash by yourself. Or you can play with multiple players in the Five Letter Flash and Pass Flash modes.
  • Electronic and portable- Weighing only 1.1 pounds and fits in the palm of your hand. This amazing game can be taken anywhere and won’t take up much room in your bag! As it’s an electronic version of Scrabble you don’t have to worry about losing any of the letters!
  • Increases your vocabulary- Scrabble tests you and your child’s vocabulary you’ll learn knew words, and will increase.

Scrabble Flash Cubes has made the classical game of Scrabble more fun; one customer raved about how great the game is and described it as ‘addictive’. Another customer stated, ‘it was fun from the very first game I played.’ It’s extremely easy to use and is well worth purchasing.

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Vtech’s Innotab

Looking for the perfect education toy for your child? Then Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet is the perfect choice for you. The Innotab is the latest fun, interactive tablet device that offers a five-inch, touch sensitive screen, which your child can use by simply swiping their fingers across the screen! Here are just a few things that you can expect with this product:

-          With a massive 64MB storage space, the Innotab can hold eBooks, music, videos, educational games and more. The eBooks also come with highlighted words, so even if they are stuck, your child can look up definitions to the words they don’t understand.

-          Is your child not able to read yet? Fear not! The Innotab can also narrate stories with special character voices so your child will stay interested throughout the experience. Choose from Mickey Mouse, various princesses, Woody, Buzz and many more – the whole gangs here!

-          Even if your child fancies listening to music instead? Great! There’s a built in MP3 player included so your child can play their favourite songs over and over again!

-          Or perhaps they would rather colour? One of the best features on the Innotab is the art studio. Does your child fancy themselves as the next Picasso? They are sure to have hours of fun drawing pictures using the stylus pen. There’s also a colouring book that your kids can use if they prefer.

-          Vtech is perfect for those boring road trips. With the Innotab, your children can play, rewind or fast forward and watch their favourite full-length movies again and again!

-          Through the online learning centre, your child can purchase apps. Don’t worry about more spending; they can use their own special coins! These coins can be earned through playing games or performing other tasks, so they can feel that they’ve truly earned their app!

-          The second option you have with the Vtech’s Innotab is the gaming cartridges. These cartridges feature different characters and apps. So if little Susie grows out of Dora the Explorer in a few months, she can discover new cartoon characters that will hold her interest. The InnoTab is the perfect toy that grows with your child!

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